This Is What Life Inside Manila (The Most Crowded City In The World) Looks Like

It isn't a fairytale. 


Being the most populous city in the world, the capital of Philippines holds nearly 1.78 million people in an extremely small area. It is known to be the most densely populated city in the world carrying about 110,000 people per square mile and now the residents are suffering because of it. 

Manila used to be a beautiful city back in the day but now it's flooded with people and doesn't have much to offer. People are suffering due to lack of jobs and poverty, but not much is being done for them. 

What has lead to Manila being so populated? As it was said that the former Mayor of the city banned any distribution of contraceptives and that rule lasted nearly a decade. Due to this, the population wasn't allowed to use any contraception and Manila ended up being in the present state.

So what is happening now? Let's find out.