These 'Blackout Blinds' Can Bring The Whole World In Your Drawing Room & We're Not Joking

Simply spectacular!

Blackout blinds and curtains are back in fashion. The modern twist gives these blinds that edgy look making you want to hang them at your home right away. Blackout blinds have come a long way. 

Let's take a look at history and its connection with Blackout Binds. Due to enemy air strikes back in 1939, the residents of Britain were asked to hang thick black cotton curtains over their windows to prevent light escaping from the windows. Those were indeed hard times one must never be put through, people soon began to like the ambience with them hanging on the windows. The kind of privacy these blackout curtains gave was impressive and they continued using them even after the war was over. 

Today, most exclusive blackout curtains block almost 99% of light and strong UV rays. The following compilation will make you feel at home and also make you want to buy these curtains.