French Illustrator Depicts The Unseen Side Of Women That People Don't Want to See

Your relation with self illustrated here!


From the unusual hairiness to mood swings in the PMS, from tummy-suck selfies to the desire to get those curves, from the silly habit of eyeing oneself in the mirror to the slouching of the pooch when sitting, a girl has a lot to deal with and enjoy, too!

Each human or rather each woman is a piece of art. No, I am not being a feminist here! The intricacies of being a woman and dealing with the anatomy of it is an art in itself. Only a woman can connect on these points to another woman. It is all about seeing the glass as half-empty or half-full, it is all on you, your vision and your attitude!

Cecile Dormeau, a French illustration artist, has tapped the very points of connection with women, of their extremely personal lives, and the undeniable joy that a woman would feel on seeing these, is inexplicable. These illustrations are filled with such minute and subtle observations that in no time you will identify yourself with them! Have a look at them, and you will laugh your heart out! 

Enjoy, babes!