50 Cool And Interesting Websites That Can Instantly Lift Your Mood 

Which website do you surf when you get bored?


We are so much engrossed with our routine tasks and personal life that things often seem to be filled with monotony and feel a bit gloomy. After all the crisis, wars and other current issues, it appears that nothing looks right whatsoever is happening around in this world. Just relax and chill out!  

If you've been stuck and bored with your life and can't take time out for a long vacation, there are many recreational zones on the web. There are ample of cool and amazing websites on the Internet that can help you to kill your time and relax your nerves. Apart from the ordinary and amazing websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are droll and awesome websites on the Internet that are truly addictive and will take your game to the next level.  

Here, I've compiled 50 addictive websites that will calm you down. Have a look at them!