14 'In A Relationship Vs After Breakup' Posters That Everyone Can Relate To

If in a relationship, you should read!


Entering a relationship changes your life completely. As mine tends to become ours and almost everything you do, you are joined by your partner as well. With time, a relationship gets more and more intimate, and at one stage, you are more like a married couple who knows literally everything about their partner. But often some things that look set to stay don't usually do and similarly, all relationships just aren't meant to last. 

Just after the breakup, these same habits that you were accustomed to; start haunting you and life becomes unbearable and upsetting, but you're left with no choice other than living every day in their absence regardless of what life brings you to. Everyone goes through some major changes, and to explain this better, we have a poster series depicting the changes in life when one is in a relationship vs when one is facing the time after a breakup.  

Images via CollegeHumor