Ever Wondered Why These Small Buttons On Your Jeans Pocket Exist? 

They solve a big purpose! 


Blue Jeans and Denim have been an integral part of our casual culture. Whether dark-washed or cut-off, dressed up or casual. Styling yourself to a club with a Pair of jeans on an Oxford shirt has never gone out of style. Or, we just slip into chic blue pants and voila! We are done dressing up.  

What’s more, designers continue to get more experimental with pieces of denim and jeans than ever before – designing jeans with all possible combinations and ripping them apart in all new ways. And, the celebrities continue to don the blue jeans look, a fashion trend we love to follow. 

But some things never change, and by that, I mean the basic stitch. Jeans didn't always look like this, but from a long time now there's an element which has been common with every jeans. 

Let's dig into that then, shall we?