What It's Really Like To Be A Cabin Crew Member For Emirates?

Pursue or sue your dreams?

Avid travelers know that traveling with the 'Emirates' airline is one of the best journeys they get to experience. With this palatial airline equipped with first class seats, cocktail bars, food area, showers & swimming pool, it's no surprise that working for it is a fantasy for many people throughout the world. 

Emirates has one of the least employee attrition rates, in all the cases including flight team and other offices. They offer their pilots premium settlement, very much furnished with eateries, coffeehouses, bars, and wellness centers. Their representatives appreciate rebates crosswise over numerous life brands and stores. What's more is their unparalleled travel benefits with their enormous route network.

As the brand name suggests, Emirates expects you to fly your hours both in the air and on the simulator and have very low tolerance for errors as it hires the best. Let's see if attendants stay the best throughout their time at Emirates & how their lives are affected.