10 Lessons From Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Giving Out The Secret Sauce To His Success

He's on number two, again!

Amazon recently reported its earnings from the second quarter of the year, showcasing a profit of just $197 million on some really strong sales of $38 billion. Their profits have dropped by a whopping 77 percent from $857 million this time a year ago. The main reason being  Amazon’s aggressive investments in its own business.

Ergo, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos now dwindles down to number two spot amongst the richest men in the world. After his long stint being the number one, now probably, the Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates would be back on the number one spot with a fortune of 90.8 billion. 

But given the constant fluctuations in the market cap for both Amazon and Microsoft, and as both the companies continue to grow at a swift pace, it’s highly likely the two billionaires will trade the title back and forth a number of times in the coming months.

But there are some life lessons that we all must learn and adapt from Jeff.