Meet The Former Buddhist Monk Born With The Body Of A Boy And The Soul Of A Girl

Meet Tenzin Mariko, a Tibetan queer icon.


It was 2014 when a video had gone viral, it showed a man dressed as a woman, Tenzin Mariko, dancing at a friend's wedding in New Delhi like no one's watching her, but little did she know that someone's recording her for all the evil intentions. The video floated hugely on WeChat. She was ridiculed severely for her appearance. Mistreated by her community, she at first denied being the woman in the clip, while people called her 'Pholo-Molo' (a derogatory term meaning neither a male nor female) and neighbours suggested her parents to take care of her activities.

Yes, she was scared, but she didn't give up. The next year, Tenzin Mariko was standing at the stage of Miss Tibet pageant, she was feeling more nervous than anybody else in the room.

Wondering why? Well, it's an inspiring tale of a monk who learned some interesting facts about its existence and broke all the stereotypes to become first openly transgender woman in Tibetan community.

Have a look!