30+ Homosexual Wedding Pictures That Will Soothe Your Soul 

The wedding is a bond of souls, not genders!


‘The heart wants what it wants‘, this Selena Gomez's song line reminds us that in the end what matters is what our heart wants, and it surely wants LOVE. 

Love is a feeling which neither you nor can I define. It’s a fathomless sea of feelings and marriage is a knot which revives this love. Each one shares a part of their soul with the other one, and that’s why they are called soulmates.

With marriage, two bodies, two souls and two people swear to remain together for the rest of their lives. Our society understands this love as a non-renewable resource just defined for the heterosexual community. But now it's a time for a new dawn and people are standing out for their identities and choices. We all should be fearless and stand up for our choices and love.

These adorable pictures are a living example of it.

These mesmerising snaps from the wedding of homosexuals will bring tears to your eyes.