Same-Sex Pregnancy Announcements Are The Cutest Posts Trending On The Internet

They are heart-warming and not in a conventional way.


There was such a thing as a traditional family unit before. It consisted of a heterosexual couple and their children. Now things are changing. Every family has different views and beliefs. And these differences present each of us with a prime opportunity to practice love and acceptance.

We have seen far too many cutesy, mom-and-dad pregnancy announcements on online as of late. These adorable same-sex pregnancy announcements think outside the box and challenge what you know about conventional parenting.

As you take a moment to fall in love with these adorable pregnancy announcements, think about what's really going on here. To many people, same-sex unions are still controversial. But the fact is that these unborn babies have two parents who love them very much — enough to go to extra lengths to bring them into the world.