These Lesser-Known Facts About American Secret Service Agents are Mind-Boggling

The secrets of the secret service agents.

If I asked you when did you last time saw the American Secret Service Agents? You may throw the name of some spy movies at me. It's not your fault, most of the people have come across these secret agents in movies only. Strict people in black costumes with high depth sunglasses; that's all people know about them, and that's how they identify them. But the scenario is different in the real world, and you may hardly find out even if these agents are around you.

In 1901, after the killing of President William McKinley, American government extended the duties of these secret service agents that involved the protection of the president. As the time passed by, the responsibilities and secrecy of these agents evolved, and today, the world doesn't know much about their operations. 

However, there are some lesser-known protocols of these secret service agents which are public, and we at WittyFeed have compiled all of them here for you. 

Have a look!