The Incredibles 2 Trailer is Here And We Already Can't Wait To See The Film

The film will hit the theatres in June, see trailer. 

The long-long wait for our favourite animated superhero family finally comes to an end as Disney and Pixar release the trailer of Incredibles 2 during NBC's coverage of Winter Olympics. Yes, you heard that right! 

The sneak peek into the trailer gives you a good insight of what the film has to offer with this sequel. There are no spoilers ahead. For instance, Elastigirl (Helen Parr) is concentrating on saving the world, whereas the adorable Mr Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is now a 'stay-at-home' dad.

Ahead of this trailer, Disney had released a teaser in November 2017 that featured Jack-Jack manifesting superpowers. When the first part of the film released worldwide in 2004, it went on to become a global hit instantly. However, the climax of the film wasn't promising enough for a sequel.