10  Occupational Roles To Showcase Dogs Are Much More Than Pets

Do you love dogs?  Read on and I bet you will start adoring the species.


I was scared of dogs all my life until last year. My friend had rescued a German shepherd and named her Sophie. It was amazing to witness the change Sophie had brought in their lives. My friend's twelve-year daughter Ashna had been a victim of bullying at school and was just on the verge of slipping into depression when Sophie arrived.

The solace and comfort Ashna found in Sophie was unbelievable. I had always heard about therapy dogs, but this was the first instance when I could witness one.

Dogs have been depicted as man's best friend and are known for their loyalty since ages. A dog's natural instinct is to guard and protect. They are extremely good at learning and thereby do things which even we humans cannot do with comparable dedication.

Read through to know how dogs can be much more than pets. I wish we humans could also keep up with the fact of serving others just as they do.