A Musician Was Bullied As She Changed Sex But This Is What Kept Her Going

Where does he draw inspiration from?   


Had you seen Jaimie back in 2015, you wouldn't have thought that this stunningly beautiful girl who played guitar and had a melodious voice would transform into a heartthrob having six-pack abs by 2017. Shocking, right?  

Jaimie Wilson is one of the 1.4 million transgender adults living in the USA today. Jaimie is 21 years old and took a life-altering decision of undergoing a transition in 2015.  

Like any other member of the LGBT community, life wasn't easy for Jaimie. He had to face several challenges but he overcame them with his strong will and confidence.   

Not everyone has to show ‘signs’ to be transgender. This is Jaimie's message to the world.

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