Is USA More Respected Now, Or Was It During Obama's Reign?

USA, then & now!


As far as I've read or watched the news from any foreign media, I've majorly encountered that they extraordinarily appreciated President Obama and disparaged President Trump using terms like a bozo and a national disrespect. Try Google searching for Trump toons England, or France, or Germany, or Japan, or any other nation you can consider and see what comes up.

By this, some of the Trump supporters might be thinking - 'Oh shut-up! that's how it goes, famous people always face criticism so does Trump.' Well, well, dear followers! As I see there's just the opposite case which is obvious from the present President's tweets.

During Obama's reign: The world saw a resurgence in economy and peace as it recuperated from Bush-era banking "deregulation" and militarism which, as anyone might expect, just profited USA weapon ventures.

During Trump's reign so far: Australia's hatred. Mexico? - Oh! We're an open joke now. Russia? Trump is the BEST outcome comprehensible to bring relevance back to Russia and to destabilize NATO and the western power base that has checked Russia since WW2.

Like these, there exist so many ups & downs that the country has faced during the rule of President Obama & Trump and the ways they both have dealt with the pitfalls.

Let's try and figure it out.