10 Things We All Should Learn From Magical Madiba - Nelson Mandela

The anti-apartheid activist!


Out of so many world leaders, who worked to change the world for the better, one of the names that shine brilliantly is that of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela- the Magical Madiba, was born today, the 18th July 1918. The whole world knows Mandela as the epitome of love and for the spirit of never giving up.

The world acknowledges his battles for a better world, and on his birthday, in the year 2009, the UN general assembly, took a decision to commemorate this day as Mandela Day, as a symbol of this appreciation for the lifetime of service Mandela gave to South Africa and the world.

People like Mandela are rarely born on the earth. There is so much to learn for all of us from the way he led his life.

Here are the few most important lessons from the life of Nelson Mandela. Let's have a look at them!