"I Survived A Brutal Rape When I Was In College"

Speaking out was what I chose to let others know they are not alone!


"In 2003, I was a sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. It was April Fools Day, and my biggest concern at the time was that I had dyed my hair from blonde to black, and it had turned a weird green color instead. 

When my best friend Milah called me to hang out, I didn’t want to go because I was frustrated about my hair, but she begged me to come because I hadn’t seen her in a while. So I got dressed in my favorite hoodie, jeans, and Timberlands, and headed to the Buckhead neighborhood to meet Milah and some other friends at Coyote Ugly.

What I thought would be a chill night out with friends became a night that would change my life forever and teach me more about myself and the U.S. justice system than I ever thought I’d have to learn as a college student."

These were the exact words by a not-so-ordinary woman. She is now an international model living in Los Angeles. Let's know her story.