People From 49 Countries Are Forced To Live In This Dream Town That's Larger Than Life

A new step to human unity and mankind.


Auroville, a township located in South India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, has the dream to become a universal town. A town where men and women from all countries can live together in peace and harmony. Its purpose is to prepare a human unity above all creeds, politics and nationalities. 

The place was stated by the vision of Mirra Alfassa, also known as The Mother. It is known as the first and the only place that is planning an international experiment for human unity. 

According to, here people from 49 different nations mostly Indians, French, Germans, and Italians, from different age groups, various social class, backgrounds and cultures live together as a symbol of humanity. The current population of the place is 2,500 people among which one-third are Indians. It has plans to serve the population of 50,000 people that too from around the world.