20 Inspiring Hollywood Classics To Teach You Major Life Lessons

Lessons that'll embark a new human in the old you!


Movies, both fictional and non-fictional help us connect with our life situations in a better way. Some see their whole lives in front of their eyes. Some get involved in it so much that they start realising themselves as the main leads in the movie itself. And why not? After all, movies are made for you to see your real life happenings and fantasies come alive on a single screen.

Sometimes movies can make you question yourself and look back at your life or perhaps even see your future. There is a true and honest kid inside each of us. When we grow older, often we get so serious that we forget to embrace the surprises and pleasures life treat us with.

I think the influence of movies on our day-to-day lives is strong. It is quite natural for us that Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne or Schwarzenegger are leaders in their movies. Since our childhood, we were surrounded by examples of good or bad management and we measure our real life leaders by these examples, whether consciously, or subconsciously. All we need to do is open the eyes and make the connection.

How about we start now? Let's open our eyes and look at the beauty that these movies have unveiled beyond the expectations of the audience.