Having A Soft Heart In This Hard World Is Courage, Not Weakness 

How strong are you?


You came into this world as a soft soul where sometimes you were sweet as water and sometimes gentle as the earth while you also were wild like the fire and sometimes clear as the wind. 

But somewhere along the way maybe you realized or it was someone else who convinced you, that a soft soul would not survive in this hard-hearted world. You learned growing up that love is unconditional but again, were convinced that it is conditional and loving unconditionally would destroy you. You were convinced that a sensitive person cannot survive in this hard and sometimes cruel world and started going in the direction where everyone else was going, running away from being natural, running away from being adaptable, running away from being strong.

You were born as a soft gentle soul, but somewhere along the way you were convinced that softness is a weakness and you started running away from it.

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