Grim Illustrations Depicting Today's Miserable World And Its Harsh Reality

'Sad reality', the problem that is looking for a solution!


While we are stifling with challenges every day and blaming the situations for our plight, rarely do we realise that our sufferings are large because of our habits. Some of them are so addictive and yet unacknowledged that when talked about, leave us manoeuvring, trying to find a solution. While sadness lurks even in this happiness preaching environment, here are illustrations that subtly underline the grim reality that humans are not ready to accept even after suffering! We get these to you from the Facebook page, Sadcasm. We would be glad to appreciate the artists. If you know anyone, do mention in comments below.

From we being slaves of technology to gauging our popularity with the number of followers on social media, and in the meanwhile becoming infamous among our near ones, the breed of human beings is in a constant rut to simply run and run and run. Their inner voice is buried under the hustle and bustle of everyday life of the urge to be at par with their generation.

Although sad, but worth a look!