Travel Photographer Captured The Incredible Beauty Of Redheads Worldwide In These Photos

And they are just mindblowing!


The first thing you see even before talking to someone is their face. Leave that, even if you don't talk to a person(s), you do see their faces. While commuting through the tube or driving to your job, you cross innumerable faces. Though you don't judge people by their faces often, you choose to ignore some faces you don't like. 

And, to break that stereotypical mindset and show you the real beauty which you might have ignored until now, American Photographer, Brian Dowling who lives in Berlin, Germany photographed around 130 redheads from over 20 different countries and they all looked gorgeous.  

Redheads, as we all know, is synonymous with Ireland and Scotland and is caused by a gene mutation known as MCR1 that is only 1% of the population. Brian started the project "Redhead Beauty" which spanned three summers to show the real beauty of red hair and wanted to strip down the stereotypes of people who have red hair.