17 Images You Won't Believe Exist On Google Maps

Couldn't get more bizarre. 

Google Maps, as many of us know, is a web mapping service offered and developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets i.e. street view, real-time traffic conditions known as Google Traffic and many more discrete services. After its inception in 2004, it now contains around 21 million gigabytes or around 20,500 terabytes of data. I doubt if any of the major areas of the world are not under its radar.

Whenever you're out on streets, just know, Google Maps have their eyes on you. They update their data every two weeks and nobody knows what can be caught. Seventeen of the most bizarre, hilarious and spine-chilling shots from what the Google maps have captured are listed below!

Scroll down and have a look!