18 Illustrations Perfectly Depicting The Downfall Of Modern Society

Let's dive into reality for once!


We live in a society that is 'modern'. By modern, I'm not pointing out towards the advances that have happened in the field of technology or fashion.

By the term 'modern' I mean the mindset of people, their bad habits, their extremely pathetic lifestyle which are putting them in the trap of death. And guess what? They know all this, it's just that they don't want to acknowledge it. And nobody can be as stupid as us, the people today.

When I see a fine man walking on the road with a phone in his hand and eyes continuously staring at it. I feel nothing but pity for him. And you know what? Every second person on the street does that. What are we trying to achieve? Great tension, stress or what? The phone is something invented to be used in necessity and not to become the addiction of humankind. We've been becoming the slaves of addiction whether it is bad eating habits or technology.

And thus, calling it that the world has come to an end. Let's look at some illustrations that depict so.