Illustrations That Show Everyday Plight Of Being A Transgender  

They have to fight for their bodies, too!  


Julia Serano is an American writer, performer, speaker, activist, and most of all, a thoughtful illustrator. She has illustrated the everyday situations encountered in the life of a transgender with utmost naturality. 

From work to the lurking dysphoria, thanks to the everyday struggles, to the challenge of facing social alienation wherein men and women hurl personal questions, transgenders have to deal a lot!  

It surely takes immense courage to be different and to embrace it with pride. This world pulls you down, every time you climb a little higher! But, the hack here lies in the speed with which you climb again. Let no one chase you. The idea is to rise everytime you fall. 

Serano's illustrations throw hints on how transgenders survive the humiliation and the social isolation. 

Have a look at her illustrations.