15 Cartoons That Will Hit Right Where It Hurts, to Be Born in the 21st Century

For roses also have thorns.

Reality is a harsh fact that when met with, breaks the heart. We as humans have it in our blood to run as far away from truth and reality as possible. We have to drag ourselves to face the truth and take it as a bitter pill to swallow. Reality is always not so rosy, but always full of thorns. We find comfort in lies and feel the cringe in truth. This is so because we always look for the easier way and futilely earned comfort. None of us would want to face reality or truth unless it is darn necessary.

Here are 15 illustrations from different artists that show a not so positive side of the world we breathe in. It attracts negative energy more than the positive one. One is often criticised before one is applauded. Well, there are many such vices that prevail, but here are some of them that have been addressed through drawings.

Although we try our best to credit the artists, many a times we are not able to discover the real ones. We would be glad to credit them. If you know any, do mention in the comments section below.