These 25 Sarcastic Comics With Dark Humor Will Make You Cringe

#16 is so relatable!


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." We have heard a lot of people giving this lifestyle advice to keep things positive. But what if they fail to realize is that lemons aren't the only thing life's got in store for us. Life is not a lemon vendor, it's an evil prankster who loves to see the world burn.

Life is funny, and life is cruel and the best 'lemonade' a man can come up with is to find humor in the misery. People resort to sarcasm and dark humor in dire situations, and the Moscow-based artist Gudim Anton is a prime example of it.

Many of his pieces require a double take to get the joke and a decent knowledge of Internet memes and viral stories. But if you do, it will certainly make you go LOL!

Check it out!