These Differences Between High School Teachers And College Professors Are Hilarious AF

Been there, felt that!


There's a huge difference between high school students and college going students. The entire mindset remains different. For instance, you're forced to go to the high school, as if your attendance would matter to the class. In college, you can bunk the class for a week, and no one will call at your home to ask if you're dead or alive. 

However, you can't deny that high school memories are to stay forever because you make most of the friends there. Whereas college is like 'pain in the ass,' if you know what I mean. That's it for students, but don't you dare to get me started on the work-level because I can beat you with the experience to prove high school teachers and college professors belong to different planets (no pun intended).

I recently checked on the internet if I'm uniquely stupid to think like this, or everyone else also holds a similar view? And what I found in the result is a treasure of laughter.

Have a look!