15 Hilarious Inventions That Are Equally Bad And Brilliant At The Same Time

What's with the pizza cutter?

As a kid when we used to watch cartoons, there was always a mad scientist making crazy inventions and almost all of them failed. To invent something, one needs a certain level of creativity be it mathematical, artistic or of any sort. Over the years the branch of life hacks has grown exponentially because it's creative and can apply to our everyday life as well. Some of them are quite brilliant, some of them are mediocre and some of them are so lame, it actually makes us laugh. 

So we at WittyFeed would like to show you a list of 15 such inventions which look great on the surface - like every life hack but fail spectacularly. So are you excited to know more about these inventions? All you need to do is scroll down and let the journey begin.