23 Photos That Are Too Comical To Be A Coincidence

Best moments are the unplanned ones.


Do you know a common speciality in the most memorable of the incidents that happen with us? They are always the unplanned ones, surely. The coincidental ones. The ones you never know will happen; they can be disastrous or even funny, they can bring laughter or pain, but they surely are brilliant. Any moment that is caught on camera has some significance in our life. These photos though were captured at the right time, right place and right position.

There are moments when these coincidences happen, and you're not sure whether they really are coincidences or something that has been perfectly planned or something that just happens consciously. So, here are some really funny moments that will confuse you whether they really are coincidences or not. Did they happen by mistake? Was everything just well timed? Does it even matter in the end? 

Enjoy these hilarious and comical pictures and brighten your day with a cheerful and 'well planned' smile.