This Bizarre Human Library Project Lets You Borrow Humans Like Books 

Do you have a story to tell?  

“Behind every person, there is a person that you know nothing about,” I read this quote somewhere, a couple of days back. When I was going through the story of the Human Library Project, this was the first quote that struck me.

We human beings are living a life, where we make sure that our true selves are neatly kept hidden. We try to wear a mask, often with a fake smile or over-reactive expressions. But behind that, we carry lots of pains, emotions, failures and breakdowns. That’s our true self, which we are scared of exposing to the world.

But, since we are all social beings, we always want someone to listen to our deepest thoughts and fears.  We want someone to love us, to listen to us - that we are all vulnerable, that we have our share of fears, rejections and most importantly, we all have untold stories.

The Human Library Project is exactly about these narrations.