Here's How Trump Is The Best Political Joke In Today's World

Trump, a matter of public humiliation!

It's been seven months since President Donald Trump moved into the White House, and the US president's 'so-much-in-love relationship' with controversy and trolls doesn't seem to end.

Just when we force our mind to believe that these jokes around Trump will start to end soon, things begin to happen again and there we are, lost in the Trump trolls.

Every day you open the newspaper, surf the internet, and there's news about him. With all his Majesty, to 'Make America Great Again', we see Trump in the headlines almost every day, but for all the wrong reasons.

As most of the times it happens, that it's just us, who bring out the troll in his tweets, actions, and even official tours to make fun of him publically.

We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of 10+ such incidences where Trump became a matter of political joke, in which the world enjoyed.

Have a look!