15 Photos Showing How Muslims Around The Globe Observe The Holy Month Of Ramadan

So divine!


More than 15 days have passed since the ninth month of the Islamic year, Ramadan arrived and the joy of this holy month can be seen all over the world. Muslims from every corner of the world are observing Ramadan as they perform fasts from dawn to dusk without having a single bite of food or a drop of water throughout the holy month.  

This month is considered to be of major significance in Islam as the holy book of Quran was sent down to the lowest heaven on this month. 

To bring in the divine and for purifying oneself, in this month, every Muslim fasts during Ramadan to focus on prayers as fasting during this month is one of the five pillars of Islam (the four being, faith, prayer, charity and a pilgrimage to Mecca). 

People wait for this holy month, and when it arrives, they celebrate it with their loved ones sharing some unforgettable moments. 

Let us have a look at how the people throughout the world, from the war-damaged scenes of Syria to the stock breaking Manhattan of America are celebrating this divine month. (This story was originally covered on 13th June 2017 and has been updated on 25th June 2017)