How Much Sleep You Require According To Your Age Is Revealed In This Chart

Sound sleep = sound mind!


'Sleep is the best meditation.'

-Dalai Lama

Well, most of us are unaware of an ideal count of the number of hours of sleep that we need every day. So, here we get to you the actually needed hours of sleep as per your age. 

Many of us don't sleep for the adequate amount of time and then end up being tired for the entire day. This is darn harmful to physical as well as mental health. These days, when we get busy in life, sleep is the most compromised thing of all. Moreover, we realise this as a problem when it is too late. Insomnia has grabbed us with both its arms by then.

Sleep is an important part of the routine, as that time also, the body keeps performing a number of tasks. That is the time worn-down muscles are rebuilt, the time when emotions and responses during the day are processed and so on.