Illustrations that Show How Girls Are Judged Every Second, Minute and Hour

*Blood Boils*


I write this today to share my utter pain and disappointment that has now converted into anger and rage, based on how females are treated in not only in my country but all around the world. 

I have myself been a victim of this stigma attached to girls being the 'weaker gender'. I always wondered why 'balls' have been used as a synonym to exhibit strength while a 'pussy' as something fragile, weak and not-worth-it. But I realized that the answer had been right in front of me for years, I just could not connect the dots sooner. 

Whenever a boyfriend says, "Are you going out in such a short dress?!", or a colleague says, "Nice ass!", we are being judged. Judged so much so that we possibly cannot do anything without being gawked at. Being called names like hoe and cougar have become a part of our lives, and we do not like it. We would not bear it anymore.

While the world talks about women empowerment and equality, how do we get over these petty, sexist, and doltish remarks we hear EVERY-god-damn-day?