Ever Wondered What The Hidden Symbols In These Currencies Depict?

What does the time in Big Ben denote? 


We must admit that our world is home to some spectacular currencies. Take the example of the iconic US Dollar. The color, the font, are nothing short of being iconic. One can just recognise the US Dollar bill by its color. Over the years, we as humans developed many complex currencies and that’s because every nation wants its own.  

A currency bill is not just a note, it is in some cases a portal of history. The currencies are unique to a particular nation and act as a status symbol.  

Every sovereign nation ensures that its currency is unique, and has hidden symbols. Some, have hidden words as well. 

WittyFeed tells you about 6 currencies, which carry a hidden meaning. Some of them even relate to the mystical Illuminati! 

Is your currency on the list? Scroll down to know.