Stunning 130-YO Images of Japanese Samurai Warriors for Whom Honour Was Everything

Live by the sword, die by the sword!


I guess you've heard about the Samurai Warriors. But for the ones who haven't, here's a little bit of information about these fearless warriors. 

The Samurai, also known as Bushi were the warriors of premodern Japan. They were the cultured warriors of Japan. The Samurai devoted most of their time to combat; they were expected to be loyal in the case of provocation from the enemies. The Samurai would give everything they had in their power to fight until the last breath. They had a range of weapons such as spears, guns, bows, and arrows, but their main weapon was the SWORD.

These fascinating set of photographs date back 130 years and show exactly the life of the Japanese Samurai warrior tribes. The most shocking image is the one that shows a warrior totally soaked in blood with the sword plunged deep into his stomach.