These Hilarious Test Answers by Kids Are Sure to Crack You Up

When wits fly high...!

Those were the days, some naughty, some fun, and some plain crazy. We all have had our share of rights and wrongs while answering our tests in school and it is so much fun recalling those times. The tricky problems, the lengthy essays, and those random questions thrown our way that left us scratching our head were dreaded, highly dreaded, at least by me.

Talking about tests, I am reminded of a couple of guys in my class who somehow never took anything seriously in school. Their wits knew no end when it came to answering some problems, and their dare-devil acts (in the form of weird answers) left us speechless and teachers annoyed/perplexed. But none can be compared to what I am about to share here. These answers given by kids are so interestingly witty and hilarious that they are sure to crack you up.