10 Hidden Places That Are Kept As A Secret On These Famous Locations

Have you ever noticed? 

When we plan our vacations or a small trip to somewhere, most of us end up feeling the need to see everything around that country, as we desire to discover something which is unknown to most of the people; unknown to even who live there (there's no end to desire you see). Apparently, there's another breed of vacationers or adventurers who ticks both famous and hidden places in the map to find something unique which they can flaunt all their life and even after that.

These secret areas at favorite spots add double fun to our visits to these famous sites, as we desperately look for the sign or door which we marked on the map beforehand.

We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of such hugely favorite places where you can see spots that are hardly explored by travelers and vacationers.

Have a look!