15 Hidden Features Of Everyday Things We Bet You Didn't Know 

Let us unveil the hidden mysteries!


While working on a laptop, have you ever noticed that bump at the end of your laptop charger? Do you remember the hole you used to see in your pen's cap? 

We always thought holes in several things we came across like locks and phones were to see through or blow into them, but where one hole is satisfying international standards, the other is for oiling purposes.  

But right before you are all set to Google about these things and find out the reason, let me tell you, there’s more to it. 

Here are a few more things (15, in total) that we all use in our everyday routines. They have some cleverly hidden features topped with some original purposes; you had no idea about. You might be a person who never gave these things a thought, but now, let’s calm that curiosity down!