Blunt And Powerful Illustrations That Question The Cruel World We Live In

Be the change-bearer which the world needs.


How many times have you questioned the status quo or even worse, thought about it? Well, this is the basic problem that all of us face. Firstly, we do not think on the right agenda and secondly, we do not have time to think. Also, even if a thought is lent to the present affairs, there is no implementation of any solutions to problems. The laidback nature is sucking the nectar of peace and happiness from our everyday lives, leaving nothing except social media profiles to gaze at. 

Just to make it strike hard, here are some illustrations that are grindingly powerful. From the excessive delving into smartphones to turning into dumbasses because of them to having fed garbage by the 'idiot box', there are a lot of habits that have come-of-age but aren't satisfactory at all. It is the time we realize the vices in them and kick them out of our lives. 

I am sure you would agree with me on this point, do share in comments below, your thoughts on the issue.

These illustrations were found on the Facebook page, Sadcasm. But, we would also like to credit the artists. Although we try our best to credit them there are some we cannot reach. If you know any of them, feel free to mention in comments below.