Hilarious Jokes by Some of the Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time 

“Comedy is acting out optimism.” – Robin Williams 


Stand-up comedy is observing the invisible obvious and explaining it in a way that a few people find it offensive and the rest; hilarious. People pay you to behave like a mean drunk, and eventually, you become one. Ha-ha.  

Isn’t it cool to make a living by insulting people you don’t like? You can shower the stage with your filthy yet illuminating comments, mock the government and not get arrested. Reflect on your mistakes and amuse people just by acting satirical.

The mic and the stage becomes a stand-up comedian’s life, and sometimes they become legends. A few of the comedians made us marvel over life as they changed our perception by their opinions. They taught us that the problems we face are a comedy and not a tragedy, you just have to laugh at it. Comedy is an escape from the banal routine of our lives.  

Following are some of the immortal legends of stand-up comedy, and their greatest of sets.