A German Actress Is Coming As Domino In 'Deadpool 2' And We Can't Wait For The Film

Game of Thrones doesn't excite me after watching this.

A new promotional shoot for Deadpool 2 has been shot on Monday, 31 July. The exciting part to notice in this shoot was the introduction of a new character, Domino. Yes,  Marvel is coming up with the sequel, and we already can't wait to see the film.

The studio shared this fantastic news with their fans from the sets of Deadpool 2, and it spread like wildfire among fans as they're all head over their heels about it now.

Deadpool has recently come up as one of the most successful Marvel superhero films in the recent times, which has indeed raised the bars of expectation not only inside the studio, but for its director, and for the stars and fans of the films as well.

There has been a lot of debate on who will play the character of Domino in Deadpool 2, and now it seems that Marvel has found a perfect match for them.

Have a look!