A-List Celebs Who Are Accused Of Sexual Assaults Are Now Getting Trolled On Twitter

Hollywood is high on harassment these days.

Sexual assault allegations on Kevin Spacey has put the 50 Shades of Hollywood in the spotlight. It has brought in front of the world which was in the shadows for too long. Women of Hollywood and others are coming out to talk about celebrities who tried to get physical with them in non-consensual ways.

It all started with Kevin Spacey who also released an apology from his official Twitter account when he got exposed by actor Anthony Rapp.

Then a few days ago five women stepped forward and accused American-Mexican comedian CK Louis of sexual misconduct with them, to which the comedian responded stating, "These Stories Are True."

People were still trying to understand these two cases when suddenly a man has now come in front who has accused George Takei of groping him in 1981.

Have a look!