Gay Couple Celebrates Their Love By Recreating Their Pride March Photos 24 Years Later

Being gay is not “just a phase”!

Besides the prying eyes and unsolicited remarks passed their way, LGBT couples have to face a plethora of other problems that we can’t even to begin to pen down here. People often fail to understand that other than their sexual preferences/orientation, there is nothing different about the LGBT couples.

Sick things have been said about LGBT people and for various unreasonable and unjustified reasons, they have been ostracized and shoved with strong negative reactions. One of the most illogical things that have been said about them is “it’s just a phase”! Reeking of idiocy and insensitiveness, not to mention a lack of knowledge, this comment has not an iota of truth in it and a gay couple from Tampa, Florida, have proved it by celebrating their 25 years of togetherness through a picture they recreated and shared on social media recently.