This Fox Village In Japan Full Of Adorable Foxes Is The Cutest Place In The World

Make it the cuteness capital of the world!

Foxes probably aren't as popular among tourists as tigers, lions, and rhinos. In most folklores, foxes are projected as cunning beings. And because of that, they are often seen as a symbol of deceit. And in between all of this, most of us forget to notice how adorable these fluffy, four-legged beings really are. With the orange-white combo fur on their body, and those deep, large eyes, foxes are definitely one of the most beautiful animals in the animal kingdom.

It's sad that people aren't as crazy about them as other beasts such as tigers and lions, but that is all set to change, and it's all because of the Fox Village in Japan. This village is crawling with uncountable foxes, and whoever visits this village comes back becoming a fan of the foxes. Yes, they're that adorable, and the love for them is that infectious. These photos do them so much justice that you should scroll down right away and check them out!