5 Stages Of Love: Only the Best Couples Cross the 3rd Stage 

From infatuation to bliss, find out where are you!


Usually, people don't want to mix up with anything complicated. But, when it comes to love, who can resist the urge to just fall in it?! Love is a beautiful feeling which comes in phases. There are basically 5 stages of love, but most people are stuck at stage 3 only. Let's find out why! Inexperienced in love, writing this story was an out-of-my-comfort-zone kind of job for me. Handling love is a Herculean task and hats-off to people who manage to reach the fifth stage of love.

*Bravery personified* 

Love is a feeling that most of us yearn for. It happens with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time. The feeling of love has no comparisons, it is ultimate bliss! Love is something that brings out the best in a person, it is the strength that binds relations and the two persons together. 

Come, let's go through the five stages of love. Hold on, don't give up here at least before reaching the fifth stage. *Winks*