Father Turns His 5-Year-Old Daughter's Witty Sayings Into Super Amazing Illustrations 

This will surely make you ROFL. 


Martin and Michelle Bruckner have a 5-year-old beautiful daughter named Harper Grace. The family from Omaha is going viral because little Harper comes up with some of the craziest ideas that have everything in them to entertain you. When you're that young, your mind is full of ideas. Apparently, Harper's mind was full of out of the box ideas at that age. Her dad, Martin, decided that he should draw them down as illustrations. 

It was a moment of awesomeness when her father began to draw the sayings that came out of a toddler's mouth, and it started to gain some attention from social media after being posted there. 

Known as 'Spaghetti Toes', this name was derived from little Harper and her father after they had a conversation at the dinner table about the spaghetti not fitting well in anyone's toes. 

Here are some of the hilarious illustrations.