Father Requests Strangers To Photoshop His Daughter's Image And Gets A Heartwarming Response

This is saddening!

A loss of life is always considered the hardest to deal with. We may mourn for a couple of days or years, but something which never changes is, the absence of that being. Losing a new-born child just after six weeks of birth is even harder. Yes, a couple from Kalida, Ohio lost their child Sophia in July of the year 2014. Well, one cannot always keep an eye out on what fate brings to an individual or family. This family who lives in the Steffel home had never imagined that they could lose their daughter Sophia after every attempt made to save her.
Nathen Steffel, her father, was a Reddit user and was often impressed by the photoshop work he saw on the Internet. He made a request to the communities on the platform, and the response on that was extraordinary. This is what he requested after the demise of her beloved daughter as per CNN.